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Patient Confidentiality

All staff in the Practice are bound to maintain patient confidentiality at all times. Any proven breach of confidentiality will be treated extremely seriously. Confidentiality also extends to family members, therefore medical information relating to you will not be divulged without your consent.

We pride ourselves on our helpful, friendly staff. Help us to run an efficient Practice. Patients will be treated with respect and courtesy. Kindly afford us the same. The Practice has a complaints system in place and nominated personnel to deal with such matters in a caring, supportive and effective manner. If you wish to make a complaint, please ask for the Reception Team Leader. Patients are always welcome to comment on services, or make suggestions for improvement. A suggestions box is in the Patient’s waiting area.

Language and interpretation services are offered by the Interpretation Services. We also operate a translation service for 28 of the most used languages. This is offered through the Language Line. We can book an interpreter for you from the Translation Service. Please ask at Reception.

We operate a policy of ZERO tolerance to violent and/or abusive behaviour.

Our policy defines the Practice guidelines for when it is reasonable to remove a Patient from the Practice list and to ensure that any concerns about removing Patients from the list are dealt with fairly.

The exception to this is if a Patient has to be reported to the police for violent behaviour towards any member of the Practice staff, s/he may be immediately removed.

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